AlzinĀ® Coating Systems

Waste Treatment

Whilst we are world leaders in coating technologies, we are also at the forefront in the development of waste treatment processes for the Mechanical Plating process. This year we implemented a new method for processing our waste, resulting in a 70% reduction in solid waste. The resultant non-hazardous zinc rich waste can then be dried sent to land fill at a fraction of the cost of conventional wet waste, it is also possible to recycle this dried Zinc rich waste in some circumstances thus eliminating any waste disposal creating a truly sustainable process. This new process also provides a significant reduction in the amount of water used in the plating process, as the water removed from the dried waste is then reused back in the system.

We are now in a position to offer this waste treatment process with significant cost reductions and minimal environmental impact, thus assisting with the sustainable future of mechanical plating in todays environmentally conscious landscape. If you are a plating company with a waste problem, or just want to save money disposing wet waste, please contact us for more information.