AlzinĀ® Coating Systems

Research & Development

Alzin is committed to an ongoing testing and development program for the range of Alzin® coatings.

We believe it is vitally important for us to know the lifespan of our coatings. A great deal of time, money and effort is being expended in this area to better understand the nature of corrosion in our particular field.

An outdoor severe marine test site has been established to monitor the performance of our standard coatings as well as our newly developed coatings. We have adopted the criteria in ISO 9223 to determine the suitability of our coatings using the corrosion Categories C1 to C5. We are also using a combination of tests, Salt spray, Humidity, UV & CCT as well as life prediction tests to run in conjunction with our outdoor testing. This we believe will put us in the forefront of market developments and establish us as a leader in this field.

We are also able to custom build and develop coating directly for out customers needs, so if you have a fastener that requires a unique or new coating, please contact to see if we are able to assist.