AlzinĀ® Coating Systems

ISO Coatings

International Organization for Standardization

We have developed a range of ISO9223 coatings that has been tested and proved to suit the required zinc loss requirements for the parts to conform to ISO climate categories in Class 2 Class3 Class 4 and now Class 5

ISO Class 5 is our newest coating, and we are able to warrant this coating for a period of 10 years, in an ISO category 5 environment. It consists of a Mechanically Plated Zinc/Tin base coat, followed by a unique Top Coating system that allows it to out perform all other coatings in its class. We see this as a coating ideally situated as a cheap alternative to Stainless Steel fasteners (currently only available in Australia). Fasteners coated in ALZIN ISO5 are ideally suited to BHP Ultra roof sheeting.