AlzinĀ® Coating Systems

Environmental Policy

Alzin Coating Systems produces world’s best mechanical plating using the latest and most environmentally friendly chemistry, technology, processes and raw materials. In fact, 80% of the raw materials used in the ALZIN plating process are made from recycled metals.

Mechanical Plating is a process that applies a thin layer of powdered metal to a metal component. Unlike traditional methods of plating, such as Electroplating and Hot Dip Galvanising, Mechanical Plating is done at room temperature with little or no harmful emissions and is said to be a non-toxic form of plating.

Unlike Electroplating and Hot Dip Galvanizing, which use large amounts of electricity to electrify or heat baths, Mechanical Plating uses very little electricity as its energy is produced from the continual tumbling of the plating barrels with glass beads, resulting in a process that cold welds the metal powders onto the steel substrate.

Alzin Coating Systems is committed to setting up plants that are environmentally friendly, we have therefore developed a process that eliminates the need for the use of dangerous Hexavalent Chromates. Hexavalent chromates have traditionally been used as a passivation which is applied as a post treatment once the parts have been plated. Instead, we are using the latest Cr6 FREE passivations as a standard finish which allow us to produce coatings that are completely environmentally friendly, and suitable for use in environmentally conscious countries such as the European Union.

By not using Hex Chrome we are also able to streamline the treatment of waste, which is a by-product of all Plating processes. With our new technology we are able to produce waste that can be dried and recycled, therefore resulting in zero waste. Our drying process collects the water from the waste sludge which is then recycled back into the plating process. By using this technology we are able to reduce the water consumption by half. We have also produced a rainwater collection system which can be used in the mechanical plating process, thus saving more of this valuable resource.

In summary, mechanical plating is non toxic, uses very little electricity, uses recycled water and metal powder, and produces little to no waste, making it possibly the greenest technology in its field.